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Lyndsay Rowan

Lyndsay Rowan: Bison Teton Skull

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I am an artist living in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Jackson has been my home for almost 30 years, and I love being completely immersed in nature here. Flying down the snow-covered mountains is definitely my happy place! And it is here that I first discovered the calling in my heart to connect with the elements through ceremony and conscious awareness. The art that I create is all about honoring the nature spirits and energy through conscious creation.

My art is ANIMYSTICAL- because I believe that all living things have souls, consciousness and spirit. animism (from Latin anima- breath, spirit, life) is the belief that all natural objects and the universe itself have souls. All creatures possess a distinct spiritual essence. ALL things-animal, plants, rocks, rivers, weather, artwork and words- are perceived as animated and alive.
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