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Claudia Bueno

Wild Spirits: Bear Sculpture

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Art: 1/64” stainless steel |  Base: Finished black walnut.
Size: 13” (tall) x 12” (wide) x 3” (deep), Limited editions of 180.

Claudia Bueno's Mountain Spirits demand attention, intricate and packed full of details. When creating this work, she tells us of her inspiration ~

"You feel the bear before you see him. The hair on your neck and arms rises in a primal response to his presence. Your sense of fear sits within a sense of wonder. The bear moves into a loping run, covering ground faster than you thought possible.

The bear is solitary, unless with cubs. Bear medicine emphasizes the importance of solitude, quiet, rest. They encourage introspection - time spent on the inward, your path and journey. You are attracted to the bear’s strength, confidence, vitality and courage, and their dedication to family. Self contained and strong-willed, the bear stands against adversity by taking action and leadership. The bear will tell you that you are free to roam and follow your own path."

Claudia Bueno Wild Spirits: Bear 
Inspiration: Grand Teton, eagles, sunset, forests, rivers.

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