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Claudia Bueno

Wild Spirits: Moose Sculpture

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Art: 1/64” stainless steel | Base: Finished black walnut.
Size: 15 1/2” (tall) x 12 1/2” (wide) x 3” (deep), Limited editions of 180

The Wild is Where

Peace nests and silence speaks.
Rivers are free, 
trees have eyes, 
rocks hold mysteries, 
flowers paint the ground.
Mushrooms hide and pinecones fly, eagles whistle, critters dance.
Bugs feast and antlers are shed, roots dig deep and berries ripen.
Lakes fall asleep,
caves whisper,
meadows sunbathe.     
Mountain lions hunt as marmots sing, deer graze, beavers build.
Storms roar, fires blaze, air bites, colors change, clouds weep.
The peaks are on watch, life regrows, and snow buries the forest’s secrets.

~The wild is where I go to remember who I am~

Claudia Bueno

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