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Claudia Bueno

Wild Spirits: Pronghorn Sculpture

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Art: 1/64” stainless steel |  Base: Finished black walnut
Size: 12” (tall) x 11 1/2” (wide) x 3” (deep), Limited editions of 180

"Just beyond the dirt road, there is movement in the great swath of prairie. Your eyes go wide as you witness a symphony of pronghorn running across the dry grasses. Their movements are orchestrated. Just a nod from one pronghorn will change the course of all of them and their speed (up to 55 mph!) makes their tan bodies and distinctive facial markings blur.

The pronghorn, sometimes referred to as antelope, were born to outrun other speedy animals. This is why the pronghorn symbolizes action. You must act now with a simple nod towards a new direction. Just as a pronghorn’s eyes are binocular - magnifying and with a wide field of vision - you will use your own keen eyesight to find the way. Instinct will guide you. You’ll adapt once you arrive."

Claudia Bueno Wild Spirits: Pronghorn
Inspiration: Mountains, rivers, lakes, wild flowers, aspen trees, sunset.

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